bringing buildings back to their original glory.

Stone work

Stone work

Stone work is vital to us as the methodology we use has been carried out for hundreds of years. As an important part of our heritage it forms the main fabric of many of our buildings, which is why it is so important that where we need to rebuild we do so sympathetically, bringing buildings back to their original glory.


It is essential that only the materials found in the building should be used to rebuild, 
which means no concrete blocks or cement are to be used at any time as these can cause chemical reactions with the potential to create more issues, for example not allowing the wall to breathe.
  In cases where the walls have to be rebuilt as they have been pushed out and are leaning too far, everything fits exactly as it should.  
We carry out all kinds of stone work projects from dry stone walling, stone restoration and

Stone Cleaning

We also offer specialist Stonework cleaning using our Doff machine.
 Please  contact us via our enquiry form or by phone to discuss how we can be of assistance 

Stone Services

Below we have some pictures of some of the Stonework Projects we have carried out

Pembrokeshire Limework really know their stuff and as far as lime is concerned they are the real McCoy. I would not employ anybody else to work on my old buildings. They are a joy to work with, not least because they are eager to share their knowledge and experience with whoever employs them and one learns SO MUCH from them. I loved having them working for me and missed them so much when they had gone I followed them around to watch them working on other projects in order to learn more.