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Jason is a highly experienced heritage & conservation builder, having spent more than 30 years in the trade. Services include all
aspects of traditional building and plastering, with lime mortars as a speciality.

Pembrokeshire Limework undertakes all aspects of building work whether it be full restoration from start to finish or just a single room that needs our attention. We carry out groundwork, stonework and carpentry.
Renovation and restoration of old buildings forms the core of Jason’s work.

Pembrokeshire Limework is pleased to introduce a new member of the team: the Doff.’

For many restorations local materials are used, with the result that the buildings are restored in harmony with the environment. This includes using granite, lime mortar, lime rendering and oak pegs.

Traditional mass-masonry wall construction (which includes most walls built before 1919) works on the basis that moisture entering a wall is able to escape in the form of water and water vapour as easily as possible. Lime mortars can readily handle the transmission between the inside and outside of a masonry wall, owing to the complex interconnected pore structure of masonry.

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Restoration is a major part of our work, it is the process of returning a building to its former state.

Lime work

Lime allows the building to breathe, it lets moisture in and out, moves with the building and is far less brittle

paint removal

Paint removal for the use on surfaces such as brick, stone, concrete, tiled, glazed and encaustic wood

stone work

Stone Work is vital to us as the methodology we use has been carried out for hundreds of years

lime plastering

Lime plastering is important to conservation work. Preparation is key.

Stone Cleaning

We recommend the Doff for the use on surfaces such as brick, stone, concrete, tiled, glazed and encaustic wood

Homeowner course

Pembrokeshire Limework home owner courses all aspects of lime work teached I come to your project all methods are traditional and all lime mixes are hot Plastering, Cornice and ceiling rose repairs


At Pembrokeshire lime work we are do a verbal consultation where we explain to you about the construction of your building what materials is built from and different types of mortar and why is so important that we use the correct mortar for the building inside and out we also bring along different types of aggregates, lime ,wall sections, types of insulation all of of our jobs we undertake all lime mortar is bespoke to suit each individual building this gives you as building owner a understanding of your building and what materials should be used the idea of this is that whoever undertakes the work for you whether its Pembrokeshire lime work or another company you will know what's material's should be used before any wrong doing is carried out on your building which unfortunately we see all the time

We carry full public liability insurance

Restoring the cornicing in the main drawing room was a job we were very nervous about - the actual cornicing is bespoke because of its complex pattern and with the added headache that the walls/ceiling were out of square, it was a really difficult job. The result is truly impressive, the quality of the restoration is of the highest order-  you cannot see the joins. It was a true labour of love and an incredible piece of work - thank you Jason and Tony.

We live in our old Welsh farmhouse, known to the family as our “one last adventure”. The building construction dates back to around 1900; it underwent modernisation in the 1970/80s using cement mortar and concrete slurry, the house unfortunately faced the consequences of these changes in the form of persistent dampness. After extensive research and investigation, we stumbled upon the extraordinary properties of lime, particularly hot lime, and were introduced to Jason. Jason's expertise proved invaluable as he conducted a comprehensive course at our home, guiding us through the wonders of lime and its numerous benefits. Throughout the day, we delved into the intricacies of lime mixing, he emphasised the importance of proper personal protective equipment (PPE), and we studied the correct application of lime on various surfaces for tasks such as pointing or dubbing out (dubbing out acts as a foundation for lime render and harling.) Our experience with Jason was nothing short of exceptional and absorbing. Not only did he possess highly honed skills, but he also adeptly communicated his knowledge and injected a sense of enjoyment and fun into the learning process. Kitty, my wife, and I were thoroughly engrossed in the course, each taking away a wealth of information. We wholeheartedly endorse and recommend Jason for anyone embarking on their own DIY lime work, knowing that Jason is both an excellent teacher and a delightful presence.

Jason came out to review our properties following a detailed conversation some weeks before. Jason turned up as planned and spent a considerable time reviewing and discussing options as to not only what needed to be done but also the best order and most cost effective. First class in all aspects.