the process of returning a building to its former state


Restoration is a major part of our work, it is the process of returning a building to its former state. Restoration work is mostly carried out on old and/or historic buildings. It forms a major part of our heritage so is vitally important we recreate all the original features and character as they appeared at that particular time while protecting the heritage value.

Restoration Projects

When we undertake a restoration project we use like for like materials that are traditional, such as using lath and plaster, horse hair and good course aggregates. Jason also favours hot Lime either in kibble form or powder as this is what would have used in the past, so we know it stands the test of time.
There is nothing more satisfying then seeing a building put back to its original form, enabling the building to move and breathe as it once would have


We have many years experience in the renovation and reconstruction of barns, old houses, whether it be a Victorian townhouse or a 17th century country cottage or farmhouse. Please feel free to call us for a free, no obligations quotation.

All types of restoration

All types of restoration undertaken to the highest standard, from ground work through to finishing touches. Though we specialise in lime inside and out - rendering, plastering etc - we also undertake general building and stonework. We take pride in our attention to detail and the quality of our work whether it be an old building in need of restoration or a new build from plans.
Through building control to completion, we can help you create your dream. All work is finished to the same high standards.

Types of work

Restoring the cornicing in the main drawing room was a job we were very nervous about - the actual cornicing is bespoke because of its complex pattern and with the added headache that the walls/ceiling were out of square, it was a really difficult job. The result is truly impressive, the quality of the restoration is of the highest order-  you cannot see the joins. It was a true labour of love and an incredible piece of work - thank you Jason and Tony